Additional Language Support Now Available in iTunes Connect

December 16, 2009

News from iPhone Dev Center on Dec. 10:


With over 50 million users of iPhone and iPod touch in 81 countries around the world, it’s more important than ever to make your app available in a user’s language of choice. You can, and should, create localized versions of your app for each market you sell to. In iTunes Connect, you can customize your app’s metadata, keywords and screenshots for each localized version.

We’ve expanded the list of languages available for localizing your app metadata, adding the following languages (listed along with the matching App Store territory):

* Brazilian Portuguese: Brazil App Store
* Korean: Korea App Store
* Portuguese: Portugal App Store
* Russian: Russia App Store
* Simplified Chinese: China App Store
* Swedish: Sweden App Store

If you have localized your apps, be sure to update the metadata language information for each of your localized versions whenever you update an app. In iTunes Connect, select Edit Application and click on the Localization tab; select the language from the pull-down menu.