iPhone Localizer – Press Release

September 9, 2009

iPhone Localizer launches new web site

iPhone Localizer announces it has just launched a new web site to further promote its services localizing iPhone apps into Chinese, promoting them in China, providing app in-country support, and porting iPhone apps onto China’s local app platforms. iPhone Localizer also provides corporation solutions to leverage smart-phone app platforms in China.

Silicon Valley, CA September 9th 2009 – iPhone Localizer, a leading provider of iPhone application localization services, today announced the launch of its new web site. “There is no question that the market in China is the next great frontier for mobile applications,” explained iPhone Localizer COO Bo Lin. “We are helping app developers monetize their work where they can reap the greatest rewards.”

China has 703 million cell phone users (just over 2.5 times the number in America). China will be the largest smart-phone app market in the world.

The second biggest carrier in China – China Unicom – just announced their deal with Apple on August 28, 2009 and will start selling the iPhone in the 4th quarter of 2009. They are expected to sell 5 to 7 million iPhones in China next year. And that’s just the beginning. The Chinese people are currently enjoying enormous new-found buying power and an insatiable appetite for the latest technology. There will be a huge and sudden demand for localized iPhone apps from the China App Store.

The biggest carrier, China Mobile, just pushed out their app platform ‘Mobile Market’ on August 17, 2009. China Mobile has 493 million cell phone users and offers very easy payment methods for their users. In China, the local players always win big. The downloads from local platforms will be huge. Porting to the local platforms will be a true localization.

“Localization is not just translation,” said Bo Lin. “There are many cultural factors involved. Beyond localization, promotion is critical. So far, iPhone app promotion has been mainly relied on viral marketing. But there is a tipping point that must be reached before viral marketing can work. We help app owners to reach that tipping point.”

“For many mission critical apps, for example some apps in the Medical category, the more important thing is to provide in-country support. We have channels to do that.” Ms. Lin said, “We also help create and provide solutions for corporations to leverage smart-phone platforms in China.”

“By tapping into a market this size with this much demand,” explains Bo Lin, “developers of good mobile apps will become quite wealthy. This is what we mean when we say ‘Chinese localization brings good fortune and good luck’ – The Chinese message on our web site. At iPhone Localizer we help app owners make their luck.”

If you have a best-selling app, localize it into Chinese and multiply the downloads. If you have an app waiting for being discovered, localize it into Chinese now and the early entry will win you good downloads. If you have many apps under a brand, beyond localization, use the local channels for promotion. Now is the time to crack the fortune cookie!

About iPhone Localizer:

iPhone Localizer helps to bring smart-phone apps to the China market. Primarily iPhone Localizer localizes iPhone apps into Chinese, promotes them in China and provides in-country support. iPhone Localizer also ports iPhone apps onto China’s local platforms including ‘Mobile Market’. For corporations, iPhone Localizer provides solutions leveraging smart-phone app platforms in China.

iPhone Localizer has people on the ground both in China and in the US. Their core team members came from Caltech and Beijing University.

For more information see www.iPhoneLocalizer.com.