iPhone Localizer helps clients bring their smart-phone apps to the world. We develop multi-lingual iPhone apps for 77 App Store distributions. We localize iPhone apps onto all 31 iPhone supported languages, with the focus on Asian languages. We port iPhone apps onto China’s local platforms including ‘Mobile Market’ (China Mobile), ‘WO Store’ (China Unicom), and ‘eSurfing Space’ (China Telecom). In addition to app development, localization, and porting, we provide in-country support worldwide and promotion of apps in Asian countries. For corporations, we provide solutions leveraging smart-phone app platforms in China.

We have people on the ground both in the US and in China. Everyone of our core team is from Caltech or Peking University. Our backgrounds include mobile technology, gaming, translation & localization, marketing, support, market research, and international consulting.

We know technology, and we know Asia.

We understand that success is built upon a strong foundation, and that not all localization is created equal. We have the deep and specialized technical and cultural understanding required to make your apps successful worldwide.

Contact Us

We have development, localization & porting, promotion, support, and corporate solution teams based in Silicon Valley and China.

491 La Mesa Dr.
Portola Valley, CA 94028

We’d love to hear from you.
Phone: 1.650.823.0288

Joe Burfoot, CTO

Bo Lin, COO

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