iPhone Localizer eBook series – 1. China App platforms – 1.1 China app platforms introduction

Written by iPhone Localizer; Edited by iPhonAsia.

1 China App platforms:

1.1 China app platforms introduction

After a major telecom industry restructuring in China, there are now three 
mobile carriers – China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

By August 2009, the total mobile phone user base in China reached an 
amazing 710.5 million subscribers. China is by far the largest mobile 
market in the world, some 2.62 times greater than the US market.

In the wake of Apple’s tremendous App Store success (85,000 apps as of 
Oct. 2009), all of China’s carriers have rushed to build their own 
proprietary mobile application (app store) platforms:

China Mobile: Mobile Market
China Unicom: WO Store
China Telecom: eSurfing Space

The three app stores above are “localized” for China. Apple too has a 
China version of its App Store (In iTunes, scroll to the bottom right 
and click on the flag icon, then select the China icon).

Adding Apple’s China App Store into the mix, there are now ‘3+1’ China 
“localized” app platform choices for developers. The situation may 
change once the relationship between the WO Store and Apple’s China 
App Store is fully disclosed. There may be some integration and synergy 
between WO and Apple’s China App Store.

About iPhone Localizer: iPhone Localizer develops apps for ‘3+1’: all 
China app platforms and iPhone. iPhone Localizer “localizes” (i.e. 
translates to Simplified Chinese, codes, advises on key cultural 
modifications, etc.) and ports your iPhone apps onto the platforms in 
China. iPhone Localizer will also serve as your one-stop-shop to 
upload your apps to China platforms for mass downloads. Contact 
info@iPhoneLocalizer.com for more details.

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